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New Beginnings

For many years I've struggled to build a personal site that I like. I've owned my domain name since May of 2007, but never found a good use for it. I've built many great websites for others, but have never been able to build something for myself that I was happy with, despite the dozens of attempts I've made over the years.

After recent success with my wife and I's site, True Northern Life, and after discovering a few great themes for Shopify that I personally really like, I decided to give it yet another go. I've been slowly picking away at this for a few weeks now, but have finally been able to get everything finished up this week while on vacation.

What you're looking at here is this latest attempt to build a personal online presence. After years of trying, I've finally found something that is clean, minimalist, and appealing, while still giving me an outlet to write and post about topics that interest me. The majority of my writing will still be for True Northern Life. This will instead give me an area to post things that interest me, but are of little relevance to our main site.

So here's to new beginning, new websites, and new creative outlets. I'm happy to have finally created something I like, and can't wait to start writing more and more.

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